Monthly Archives: July 2012

I did a shoot with the members of Scaramouche a couple of weeks ago. They put so much heart into what they produce, it’s wonderful to see their process. They are all incredibly charming and personable as well… the perfect rock stars.


The sun has been so charming and sociable lately, coming out to play in the late mornings and early afternoons.

Last week, I went into Kmart to buy chocolates and wrapping paper. I left with all that, as well as a purple and yellow bubble wand. If you ever required a little bit of magic in your life, it’s really simple. Go to Kmart, spend a dollar, and get one of these giant bubble wands. Spend an sunny afternoon waving it around your backyard with friends, and watch your cat be confused and excited at the same time. Sorted!


If it’s been misty, or drizzling, I always check to see what dewdrop shapes on the leaves look like. Even better if I locate spiderwebs, decked out with tiny wet jewels. I could spend so much time in the garden, tramping around, feet getting soaked, taking shots of the infinite shapes of water sitting on blades of grass. Does any one else share this complete and utter fascination?

These shots are taken with my iPhone, with some help from a teeny macro lens. How amazing is it to carry a camera at all times? On my deathbed, I will never say ‘I regret taking too many pictures.’

I love waking up early for work, because it means sometimes, I get to catch the most stunning moments of the day, like these ones. It makes the rest of the day go down like liquid silk.

It’s kind of a cop out, taking day after day for granted. But, I don’t know. Maybe¬† it makes it easier for us to cope. I think if we aren’t prepared for it, having each day more astonishing than the last could make us too excited. We’d get sick pretty quickly.

I’m all about enjoying where I’m at and what I’m doing at that moment. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by talented, warm-hearted, progressive souls who are realizing their dreams. It feels good to be reminded of that.

I love lists… I make them every day. Usually on yellow post-its, and usually discarded the next day when I clean my bag out. So I quite enjoyed this website: Lists of Note. I particularly enjoyed Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues and Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments. Might try out what Mr. Franklin did and prioritize one virtue (of my own) per week, and see how that goes!