Monthly Archives: November 2012

A dark shot inside the hotel? Outside? Who can tell? Outside the Uffizi Gallery. This statue has won over the other statue. A fruit seller's stall. It was drizzly the first day I was there, hence the protective cover. Ponte Vecchio, where all the shiny jewelry is. You can also see how overcast it was. A very interesting collection of books and posters outside a book store. Hehe, mum. Il Duomo. All the carvings and statues blew my mind to bits. The view from the Boboli Gardens. I wish I had spent more time here! If you ever go to Florence, come to this place first thing in your day. So majestic. I could envision a bunch of my artist friends and I traipsing around the city in the future, filling our sketchbooks with drawings of statues, finding inspiration in the old masters, and comparing notes over gelati. Art trip! Who's in? :) I was served the best coffee in a little hole-in-the-wall cafe called Michaelangelo's, and I am sure there must be 10 other cafes going by that same name. I also met cats EVERYWHERE... cats in the parks, near the hotel, and in the grounds of the Pitti Palace. The official palace cats. I was really lucky to have this experience.

I got a disposable camera while I was in Carlisle. We were in a small, pretty tourist town called Grasmere, and it was the only thing I wanted in of a sea of dinky merchandise. I don't think I have ever used one, or maybe I have and forgot. I always see these beautiful pictures on the blogs of photographers who still shoot with film, and I love the dreamy, deep and sometimes imprecise quality of the pictures.

I was thrilled to get the results back from processing. One thing I've discovered about myself is that I value new ways of taking pictures, all the time. I think it's important to document your life, my life, everybody's lives, so I get really excited about things like disposable cameras. I have already started looking up bulk packs of the things on Amazon.

I don't mind that it's a digital age. I like fun things and photographs.

I feel a bit behind on updating here. I have so many pictures of beautiful places and people from the last month, work is taking a priority at the moment. These pictures seem like a good place to start. I was juggling three cameras - my Olympus, Instagram, and this little cardboard box I kept losing in the labyrinth of my backpack - so volume of shots are not always proportionate to how much I liked a place.

I liked Carlisle. It was cold, cosy, comfortable and the accents were cute. I didn't like the coffee. My sister and her boyfriend are great cooks. Bookstore culture is still alive and well, and there is a gorgeous four-story mammoth of a secondhand bookstore in the heart of town. I liked eating goats cheese baguettes with cranberry sauce. Overall, it was a thoroughly charming experience.