disposable camera florence

A dark shot inside the hotel? Outside? Who can tell?

Outside the Uffizi Gallery. This statue has won over the other statue.

A fruit seller’s stall. It was drizzly the first day I was there, hence the protective cover.

Ponte Vecchio, where all the shiny jewelry is. You can also see how overcast it was.

A very interesting collection of books and posters outside a book store.

Hehe, mum.

Il Duomo. All the carvings and statues blew my mind to bits.

The view from the Boboli Gardens. I wish I had spent more time here! If you ever go to Florence, come to this place first thing in your day. So majestic.

I could envision a bunch of my artist friends and I traipsing around the city in the future, filling our sketchbooks with drawings of statues, finding inspiration in the old masters, and comparing notes over gelati. Art trip! Who’s in? :)

I was served the best coffee in a little hole-in-the-wall cafe called Michaelangelo’s, and I am sure there must be 10 other cafes going by that same name. I also met cats EVERYWHERE… cats in the parks, near the hotel, and in the grounds of the Pitti Palace. The official palace cats. I was really lucky to have this experience.


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