nai palm your mind

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We checked out Nai Palm (of Hiatus Kaiyote fame) at the Workers Club last night. Being the incredibly punctual and naive people, J and I turned up when it said doors open. This does not equate to set times.

So we were left with some time to kill, and wandered around Collingwood in the last hours of Melbourne sun, camera in hand. I got a cone of caramel, marmalade and chocolate chip gelato, and it was the happiest 15 minutes of my day. You can see me cosying up to a giant cat mural with said cone.

It felt really great to take a break from other forms of creating, and concentrate on just seeing.

Nai Palm’s performance was beautiful, of course. She has the vocal equivalent of a Cirque Du Soleil performer’s flexibility. The opening act, Owen Rabbit, felt raw and honest. It made me feel pretty inspired to start writing songs again. More music activities this year, yeah. The night ended with wild dancing, boogie conversations, and a surprise phone call, which left me in wonder at the synchronicity in my life. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I feel strangely sure.

Ninth and last picture courtesy of the shutter-insect Jeff.


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