Thoughts: the idea that a good coffee can set the tone of your day is probably false. It can probably set the tone for the hour that you have it. It can give you a good story.

I’ve been drinking soy coffee for the past few days, and you know, it ain’t half bad. It makes for a change from that mucus-like aftertaste you get with regular milk.

Thinking about muscle memory. Your brain is a muscle. Thinking about repetition, and mental events, doing things over and over again.

“Every time you have a thought, the biochemical/electromagnetic resistance along the pathway carrying that thought is reduced. It is like trying to clear a path through a forest. The first time is a strugglebecause you have to fight your way through the undergrowth, The second time you travel that way will be easier because of the clearing you did on your first journey. The more times you travel that path, the less resistance there will be, until, after many repetitions, you have a wide, smooth track that requires little or no clearing. A similar function occurs in your brain: the more you repeat patterns or maps of thought, the less resistance there is to them. Therefore, and of greater significance, repetition in itself increases the probability of repetition. In other words, the more times a ‘mental event’ happens, the more likely it is to happen again.”

Taken from a book, can’t recall any titles or author, unfortunately. Hope you’re all having a nice week. I’ll be wandering the warm streets, camera in hand.


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