I went to Camberwell Market last weekend. I had gotten up really early too, and was wondering where I could get a good coffee in the area, outside of Brunetti’s and market coffee vendors of dubious consistency. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Camberwell, so I was surprised to see a new hole-in-the-wall-ish exterior on my walk from the station.

Apparently Coffeehead is a boutique coffee hub  that sells several varieties of coffee and related apparatus, on top of food and drinks. Whatever it is, it’s good for getting out of the cold from Camberwell Market on Sundays, and sip on a hot mocha which gloating over your purchases. The service I got was smiley and lovely, and the coffee was tasty and pretty huge. For $4.50 a mocha, you would sure hope it’d be all that! They use Kali Organic Chocolate, and I don’t know if that really justifies the price. The environment is spacious, bustling and energetic, and I always admire an open kitchen. I mean, it’s nice to know what goes on in there! :) I am pleased. Fluorescent poster art and delicious coffee are nice things to end a market morning with.


For weekends, for catching up, for the most delicious food things.

(Pictured above: a mocha and the farmers market breakfast)

I had the most delicious breakfast at Miss Marmalade this week. Farmers market breakfast, get in my belleh. A poached egg on top of house made corn bread, on a bed of veggies cooked to PERFECTION. There was swooning and enthusiastic exclamations through the first few mouthfuls. We also had the gingerbread hotcakes with maple mascarpone and stewed seasonal fruits. It’s hard to go past even the name: GINGERBREAD HOTCAKES. It calls to mind homey scenes, loving parents in aprons, and a sense of well-being.

The service was beautiful, but we did go there on a weekday, so it wasn’t excessively busy. Nothing complements a meal better than an affable smile on your servers face.

When I spend time in cafes, I don’t usually do serious drawing there. I usually write or read. But I did some at Small Block one afternoon, and it was very fruitful.

I read this quote today, and I think it’s something that I’m going to need to apply with greater frequency in my life.

If I waited until I felt like writing, I’d never write at all. – ANNE TYLER

It really applies to anything – making art, exercise, cleaning, blogging… anything you’d want to put off until you felt like it. The mood may NEVER come. There is no muse. There would be all these days in between where we could have just put ourselves to work, without overthinking it. I’ve been putting off finishing some pieces, but once I get going, it feel really good.

Are you in the same boat? What have you been putting off, while waiting for the muse to visit?

Zoe Steers and I caught up yesterday afternoon for a drawing date. She is pretty much the epitome of creativity. I love the crafty things she makes and the fact that she challenges me to draw monsters on sticker paper. I enjoy having friends who help me think in different ways. We went to a new cafe called Acoustico, under what used to be Shape Warehouse next to Jewell Station. We had delicious organic fizzy drinks on ice, with pretty labels.

I also managed to catch ‘Midnight in Paris’ with Nuwan at Cinema Nova. $6 Mondays!!! Whenever I have Mondays off, I reckon I’ll go and catch a movie. The stories and cinematography take my brain to interesting places, and I find it incredibly mind-and-soul-expanding.

My thoughts on Midnight in Paris? The friendships depicted in the story absolutely reminds me of our own social scene here. Renaissance people swapping ideas, and living for what they love. We have a modern day rebirth on our hands already, even if we can’t see it now. We need to keep creating, to keep loving and pushing our ideas forward, and get closer and closer to a heaven on earth.

Also, how cute is this super colourful bracelet and rose ring? Ishka has some lovely, affordable things. I went to life drawing at night, and that is a very relaxing experience.

There is just too much to tell. List form, next time.

I got back in touch with the cute magnet-attached, wide-angle iPhone lens. I was pretty happy that we found our way here – their 74% cocoa hot chocolates are luxurious. Sun, friends, chocolate and walking around the neighbourhood = bliss.

Watching Bored to Death reruns.. I love Jonathan Ames, he’s a very sympathetic moonlighting detective.

Fasting month means these daytime cafe/coffee jaunts are put on hold for a month. Sadface. On the bright side, I did get a huge amount of things done – mail, cleaning, art, grocery shopping, cooking, cheap movie-watching (Beautiful Lies – French films are pretty.) Maybe this could be the month of ultra productivity.

That’s the 74% hot chocolate up there. I’m loving how all the awesome things are migrating Brunswick-ward. I’ve always loved the neighbourhood. It’s laid back, family/student oriented, and filled with all the good people.

Fasting month brings about lots of thoughts. I’ve been thinking of KL. I miss my parents, the house, our cats, high school friends. And I wish I was around for the night markets, all that amazing food!

But it’s all good. A month goes by quickly, and before I know it, December will be here and it will be family chill times.