Come Wednesday, 9.30 a.m, my housemate Seb and I will be waiting at a tram stop, headed to our art class. We’ve been taking classes with a fine artist, a fantastic man named Phillip Doggett-Williams. Every week, we get to experiment and explore our art under his expert guidance. Among the gems of wisdom we have received thus far, is this one:

“There really is no such thing as bad art. The only time art is bad is when you are trying to pretend to be something you are not.”

So true. Art is a genuine expression of yourself, your thoughts and experiences, and comes from deep within. Imitation is fine for practice, but eventually you must connect with who you really are in order to produce something sincere. I also asked about self-doubt, and he told me from his experience,

“Persistence always overcomes self-doubt.”

… which I believe can be applied to anything. So, if you believe that you are destined to be doing something, but you’re not doing it right now… get stuck into it! Jump in and give it the best you’ve got. And keep going!


Yesterday, I drew portraits, had a great time with Nuwan and Surangi, chased down dumplings, and bought little treasures, one of which is from the delightful Hanna.


I think any day where I can spend three hours painting (which felt like only five minutes) on large, expensive sheets of paper is a day well spent. On top of that, I cleared out my brother’s old apartment. I even got to spend some chill out time with Nuwan, eating lunch, writing and drinking coffee.

I was feeling so much like myself after all that, that I decided to get a haircut too. I love having my hair short and streamlined, it feels so right and I like running my fingers through it later.

These painting classes are so awesome. It’s all my dreams for the year coming true, one brush stroke at a time under the guidance of a great teacher. This process feels amazing, and indescribably so.

Zoe Steers and I caught up yesterday afternoon for a drawing date. She is pretty much the epitome of creativity. I love the crafty things she makes and the fact that she challenges me to draw monsters on sticker paper. I enjoy having friends who help me think in different ways. We went to a new cafe called Acoustico, under what used to be Shape Warehouse next to Jewell Station. We had delicious organic fizzy drinks on ice, with pretty labels.

I also managed to catch ‘Midnight in Paris’ with Nuwan at Cinema Nova. $6 Mondays!!! Whenever I have Mondays off, I reckon I’ll go and catch a movie. The stories and cinematography take my brain to interesting places, and I find it incredibly mind-and-soul-expanding.

My thoughts on Midnight in Paris? The friendships depicted in the story absolutely reminds me of our own social scene here. Renaissance people swapping ideas, and living for what they love. We have a modern day rebirth on our hands already, even if we can’t see it now. We need to keep creating, to keep loving and pushing our ideas forward, and get closer and closer to a heaven on earth.

Also, how cute is this super colourful bracelet and rose ring? Ishka has some lovely, affordable things. I went to life drawing at night, and that is a very relaxing experience.

There is just too much to tell. List form, next time.