For weekends, for catching up, for the most delicious food things.

(Pictured above: a mocha and the farmers market breakfast)


I had the most delicious breakfast at Miss Marmalade this week. Farmers market breakfast, get in my belleh. A poached egg on top of house made corn bread, on a bed of veggies cooked to PERFECTION. There was swooning and enthusiastic exclamations through the first few mouthfuls. We also had the gingerbread hotcakes with maple mascarpone and stewed seasonal fruits. It’s hard to go past even the name: GINGERBREAD HOTCAKES. It calls to mind homey scenes, loving parents in aprons, and a sense of well-being.

The service was beautiful, but we did go there on a weekday, so it wasn’t excessively busy. Nothing complements a meal better than an affable smile on your servers face.

My lovely boyfriend cooked the house a lasagna, and it was delicious. I typed that as ‘delivious’ at first… We both have a little insider joke about that.

I bought some strawberry cake mix, but haven’t baked it yet. Seb arrived home with some berry and yogurt cake from his mum, so we’re stocked for cake. Mmm… Cake.

I figured out today that it only takes 15 minutes to mop the kitchen. I like it when things get done in under that time frame, especially boring things. It’s very motivating.

Today was a cloudless blue. Winter, you’re being a real sport.


A time line.

The top picture is the sun-dappled walk Nuwan and I took after our Run for the Kids marathon. After a shower and some breakfast, we were at the North Melbourne Markets with the gang. I think I was too pooped to really ooh and aah over the goodies on sale, but I love more market experience.

I am hoodie-obsessed at the moment, and I bought myself a furry white hoodie with ears on Monday. I love that picture of Seb turned to the tram window, with my creepy reflection in the glass.

Nick made a ridiculously amazing Easter dinner yesterday, with crab, ratatouille, coq au vin, and caramelized brussel sprouts. That man knows how to cook, and throw a good party.

And that leads us to this morning, where grey skies threaten, and tiny water droplets decorate everything. A warming coffee does wonders for the heart. Work got me a birthday cake today, and I was mega surprised, as well as deeply touched.

All is peaceful.

A veritable feast – croissants, jam, pumpkin and feta muffins, two types of bruschetta (pear and ricotta, and traditional tomato), fruit salad, coffee, tea, and juice. All served in the backyard two doors down, and eaten in dappled sunlight. This is what happens when amazing friends become neighbours. Neighbourhood lovin’ and good brunch times.