further out

A few of us stayed on after TINA was over. I got to experience Newcastle post-festival, and I still loved it. I think it’s a great place to be creative, and healthy too, with so much natural beauty just a walk away. We sang and played guitar, (I woke up at 5.30 am one morning, and sang to the ocean!), drew pictures and ate food made by friends. After playing Ben’s superb guitars, I realize how sub-optimal the sound is on mine. I will get a sublime-sounding one, to go with my new singing mojo.

The last picture is a drawing Seb and I did together for the Disco Palace housemates, who are the best for hosting us, and gracing us with their awesome presence.



I have a lot beautiful pictures and memories from the past week, I’ll have to split them up into a few posts. I hung out with so many gorgeous people, and had some great conversations. I enjoyed a couple of writing panels, but felt pretty disappointed that there were fewer art/drawing things this time around. Maybe next year, I’ll work to organize some kind of workshop that I’d like to attend myself.

Another thing of note, is how strong coffee in Newcastle is! Potent and delicious. It complements the fresh, salty air from the ocean.



It’s chilly this morning. These are some of the awesome accessories I found at Camberwell Market yesterday. My favourites are probably the bubble bracelet and the poodle pendant, because the ears move. I also found some claddagh earrings, which were cool because I’m always in love with the design, but rather useless, because as earrings, the symbolism is lost.

Anyway. I love taking pictures of the things I see, then looking back on them at the end of the day. So good.

It’s been a full on day. But when I recount it:

I went to Castlemaine, on a train watching the drizzle fall on farms. I had my lunch at a leisurely pace in the park. I walked around antique shops, bookstores, toy shops and cafes. I chose some sparkling crystals at the Restorers Barn. It was peaceful and lovely.

Honestly: It was super windy, and my hair kept finding it’s way into my mouth and drying my skin out. I walked around in circles because I’m still learning the place. I still get a bit freaked out about talking to strangers. Good and bad, I guess. Just wanted to share some of my favourite visuals from the day.



The second half of our Castlemaine day trip. These pictures are from around the local township. I liked the cinema’s cafe. They had old-style theater benches lined up on the sidewalk, I thought it was so appropriate.

We had lunch at Seb’s mum’s house today. It’s a gorgeous building, on a hill, with cosy nooks and lots of light. We ate outside, under a huge tree. There was so much lovingly prepared food, and the company was terrific.

I think I was really excited. I had it all imagined out, getting out of the city, train ride with friends and being somewhere different, even if it’s just for a little while. I saw a huge quarter rainbow on the way home.

I also made a list of nice things to do once I got home, and I’ve nearly accomplished it all. It was very short, and I feel productive.

On the train, a little girl passed my seat and saw a sketch on one of my notebook pages. She exclaimed loudly, ‘That is a very good drawing!’ Aw, bless her adorable little heart. She made me smiiile.