It’s just been so full on lately. I know I’ve been DOING things, important things, things my dreams are made of. Still, sometimes I don’t know where the time goes.

Met up with the lovely Katherine on Saturday, and she got me some gorgeous stationery. I love the drawings with speech bubbles, I get to put quotes in them. The first one is one I heard from Katherine herself: ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ She just started a blog too, where she shares some crafty awesomeness.

Speaking of crafting, Porcelain Womb will be at the State Library next Saturday, as part of the Craft Hatch markets. 10 am – 4 pm, at Experimedia. I’ll be selling beautifully cut glass crystal pendants, that throw off hundreds of little rainbows everywhere. Can’t wait, do say hi!


Yeah, I obviously enjoyed myself! The market was huge, and filled with so much creativity, initiative, and inspiration. I got a little brass telescope necklace that actually works, Priya got an moose ring with antlers. It’s gorgeous. Finders Keepers is terrific for gifts as well. I got loads for other people, including an unbelievable glass terrarium.

Haha getting to Shed 4 at the Docklands was an adventure in itself. Everyone finds it in the end though, so no worries. I’ve been wanting to check this market out for years, so perhaps anticipation had really been built up.

It’s a beautiful day. Everybody is feeling good in the spring-summer sunshine. I have a million pictures, and we’re going to have a great night.

“In today already walks tomorrow.” 

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Who will you be in a year? 

A familiar, and depressing, thought to dieters and to procrastinators of all kinds. We’d like to think that a year from now we will be thin, will have painted the dining room, will have finished that thesis for a neglected degree.

Writers lock themselves into this perspective. A novel cannot be written in a day. Tomorrow’s neat manuscript, bundled carefully and taken to the post office, is being created today. 

Or not being created. 

To write today is to shape tomorrow. 

To write today is to let tomorrow into your life. 

It is the only option – once you have said that you are going to be a writer.

Today, I’ll write patiently. In today already walks tomorrow.

This is an excerpt from a book called “Walking on Alligators – a Book of Meditations for Writers”, by Susan Shaughnessy. I got it from a secondhand bookstore in Carlton. It is full of one-page long musings of what it means to be a writer. It’s incredibly inspiring, even if your aspirations lie else where. For in today already walks tomorrow, for everyone.

Little galaxies in marbles, old illustrations put in an entirely new context, and heart pins. I heart the heart. My Saturday was filled with pretty art, and friendly artists. 

The pin has my fingerprints all over it. They look like a cute crosshatching effect. My camera was low on battery, so not too many pictures. Then again, I doubt if pictures would have done today justice anyway.

I saw some tiny moleskins in Readings bookstore the other day. They were so adorable, perfect for tiny, tiny drawings. So I made a few today with watercolour paper, collected postcards off my wall, and bound them with thread. 

Here’s the only one with a hand drawn cover so far. It now belongs to Kieran Gray, my favourite giver of mix CDs. 

Had a pretty mighty night, with dancing and Dan Deacon at the Tote. Excellent showmanship, good crowd and energy. We had dinner at Shanghai Dumpling House beforehand. I liked the vibrant colour combination of the graffiti on the wall behind us, while we were waiting to get in. I think the shades depicted here doesn’t quite ring true to what it actually was like (taken with camera phone), but you get the gist.