We thought of a new series called ‘Skateboards and Streamers’. Another project that I need to get onto.

I’ve been a little stressed lately. But whatever. There are still things so easily within my reach that make me feel excited about living. Here are a few:

1. Got my Instax 210, and it’s time for new experiments and fun instant photos.
2. Walking, outside, even though it’s grey and drizzly. Rain means clean skies and clear air.
3. Coffee, as usual. I can have that anytime! Sooo easy.
4. Got myself the nicest wool scarf, it is toasty. It makes me feel invincible! Against the cold and outdoors!
5. Writing in a lined notebook again. Something very nice and orderly about that.

Things to look forward to: Melbourne Open House this weekend (taking the Instax along, of course), a run after my ankle has chilled out for a bit. An Old Town hazelnut coffee, I just got some.

Watching Little Britain. Drinking tea.

Brought my Instax along with me today and took pot shots of pretty much anything. Super. Things I have discovered about the camera:

1. It doesn’t take such good night shots
2. It doesn’t like taking pictures of anything with a shiny surface
3. It’s not a digital camera. That means unpredictability, and fewer second chances.

Loving it though!!! YEAH CAMERAS!

Also, dubble rain-boh necklace!