I need to clear out some mind weeds. God, I’m listening to a complicated audiobook about Zen. I also keep getting horrendously distracted by Polly Pockets!

This week will see me reaching the end of something, and also redefining some life goals. There’s really no point in comparing lives. My life is never going to be anything but my own. Therefore, I need not waste time and/or energy wishing that it was like someone elses. I can only make it the best life I know now.


That first picture. That is a total Puss in Boots moment. Kimchi is already a fully grown cat, but has such huge eyes in her little skull, so she still looks quite kitten like. 

Ziggy, my one-eyed wonder. You still think I am a scratching post. You also sometimes take me for a pillow to sleep on, which I don’t mind so much.