melbourne city

Last night, I discovered how incredible the flash on my camera is. It lit up the entire Forum.

So Kimya was great. Some of her songs just made me feel very quiet, and some of my faves like Bobby-O and Alphabutt, made me happy. I like her brand of activism… that making a changes doesn’t really involve pointing a finger at other people, but looking inwards, towards me. I want to write more songs. I will write more songs, and not care if I think they are good or not.

(Sneak peek is the first picture: a stack of cut and printed Instagram pictures from Newcastle. It’s going to be pretty…)



So I broke part of my tooth yesterday, and that was freaky. I had to get it fixed at a dentist’s today. I was relieved to get an appointment, and even more so when the problem was taken care of so efficiently, and painlessly. But let me say this: brushing and flossing > than breaking your teeth. Now I’m feeling super cautious about my sweets!

The dentistry was cool. It was in the awesomely pretty Block Arcade on Collins Street, on the Mezzanine level. In the first picture, there it is in that top window.

After all that, I felt like some comforting. So, after a light lunch, I had a mocha (through a straw) from Pearson and Murphy’s and sat in the sunshine at RMIT’s Alumni Courtyard. That was very good.

The anesthesia-induced numbness is leaving my face now. I’m going to slowly readjust my diet and oral hygiene regime. This experience was a good reminder how important my health is! Everything else re-prioritizes until it gets better.

Had a day off today, and just did lots of things. Everything. Compiling these pictures now, the first few feel like days ago. Heh.The chilled out, occasionally adorable nature of the shots belie the actual day!

I’m going on a trip to Castlemaine tomorrow, on my own. Eep. That makes me a bit nervous, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Been doing these things called artist dates – where I go on a date with myself, to replenish the inspiration well. Walks, bookstores, window shopping, markets, it’s all on my list.

I have my feet in a pile of warm laundry, fresh from the dryer. My feet are cold. This feels very nice.

I started something last week, and I was really pleased. I thought everything would click into place for me, but it didn’t. Callings still take work. They still require you to pick your feet off the floor, use up lots of effort, keep the demons at bay, and just… work. :) At any rate, there is growth.

I read a good quote on my friend Peter’s Twitter, and this is it. “I think I’ve cracked the code for when inspiration comes! – Whenever.” That’s super inspiring. Made that last quote drawing to remind myself, ‘What have I got to lose?’ when it comes to doing stuff that’s important, but scary.

With that, onwards.

I need to clear out some mind weeds. God, I’m listening to a complicated audiobook about Zen. I also keep getting horrendously distracted by Polly Pockets!

This week will see me reaching the end of something, and also redefining some life goals. There’s really no point in comparing lives. My life is never going to be anything but my own. Therefore, I need not waste time and/or energy wishing that it was like someone elses. I can only make it the best life I know now.

Yeah, I obviously enjoyed myself! The market was huge, and filled with so much creativity, initiative, and inspiration. I got a little brass telescope necklace that actually works, Priya got an moose ring with antlers. It’s gorgeous. Finders Keepers is terrific for gifts as well. I got loads for other people, including an unbelievable glass terrarium.

Haha getting to Shed 4 at the Docklands was an adventure in itself. Everyone finds it in the end though, so no worries. I’ve been wanting to check this market out for years, so perhaps anticipation had really been built up.

It’s a beautiful day. Everybody is feeling good in the spring-summer sunshine. I have a million pictures, and we’re going to have a great night.

I take so many pictures in a day, I find it hard to choose the best ones. I always end up just picking my favourites, details that make that particular day. I think that’s a good rule to go by. My friend Nicky says that she only makes stuff that she herself would wear. Same here. I love my necklaces so much, they really reflect the sort of thing I’d like to see on myself and others at the moment.

I made those little line work stickers up there. Aren’t they adorable?