• Have a cup of coffee and read several more pages of the fiction book I’ve been trying to get through
  • Unexpectedly find friends in backyard, who have come over to pack up some structures for a music festival. Have hot tea and coffee and a good chat.
  • Go for a run/walk with Nuwan
  • Find a secondhand children’s book, with beautiful illustrations and stories about fairies and nature!
  • Have a late breakfast with Nuwan at A1 bakery. Read each other excerpts from the books we just bought.
  • Unwrap the Sketchbook Project books that have just arrived… Excitement!

In store later today: A long walk to the city from Brunswick, and more life drawing!

(All drawings above by Raymond Sheppard. I love his crosshatching and line style, it’s so clean and compelling)


I’m making a wall of printed Instagram pictures! They are all of pictures from our trip to Newcastle.

Last night, I discovered how incredible the flash on my camera is. It lit up the entire Forum.

So Kimya was great. Some of her songs just made me feel very quiet, and some of my faves like Bobby-O and Alphabutt, made me happy. I like her brand of activism… that making a changes doesn’t really involve pointing a finger at other people, but looking inwards, towards me. I want to write more songs. I will write more songs, and not care if I think they are good or not.

(Sneak peek is the first picture: a stack of cut and printed Instagram pictures from Newcastle. It’s going to be pretty…)


Or rather, a felt one. Thank you, Kami! I’m going to be taking this adorable little guy to Newcastle for This Is Not Art.

Nuwan and I wrote a song today, and it feel so good to create something together. Both of us get dissatisfied if we are not creating, individually or together. I’ve never done this before, although I’m always singing and playing covers on my guitar. Every creative endeavor has something to teach me, and I love it.

I found a half moon in my coffee, and Mojave the sloth wanted to take a look. No, sloth! You’re too slow!