I’ve been cleaning the house a little bit, slowly, inch by inch, and it’s looking great. We’re going to have an awesome little studio out back, and I plan on furnishing it with a heater and a kettle, tea and coffee. I’ve been making peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, watching animation shows with friends. I did a market with some lovely people last weekend. I’ve been out running. I’ve submitted work for a competition, a magazine, an exhibition, and an album. I’ve played my guitar and learned new songs.┬áSebastian came back from his travels and it’s lovely to have him around again.


Mostly, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and found it difficult to motivate myself. But running reminds me that everything is actually absolutely fine. I want to focus on the good, and ignore to the voice in my head that overthinks everything.

Here are some thoughts that have occurred to me while running. They can be applied to life too:

1. When starting, always start slowly and gently. It makes it easier to continue if it is painless.

2. Think of your overall distance, how far you want to go. Then pace yourself, and give yourself milestones to reach. You’ll get there.

3. Long-distance running is all about conditioning. The more I do, the better I get. Distances I couldn’t even imagine completing without stopping frequently, I’m covering easily. My legs have gotten stronger, and it is amazing how far they take me. It’s the same with anything else. The more you do, the better and stronger you get at it.