the kingdom of moreland

The sun has been so charming and sociable lately, coming out to play in the late mornings and early afternoons.

Last week, I went into Kmart to buy chocolates and wrapping paper. I left with all that, as well as a purple and yellow bubble wand. If you ever required a little bit of magic in your life, it’s really simple. Go to Kmart, spend a dollar, and get one of these giant bubble wands. Spend an sunny afternoon waving it around your backyard with friends, and watch your cat be confused and excited at the same time. Sorted!


I’ve decided that these three words will make my life easier. Love. Gratitude. Appreciation.

Because whenever things get me down, I just need to think of everything I’ve ever had in my life. Up till this point, even if it all goes downhill from here (which I don’t think it will anyway), I will have experienced so much love, abundance, and joy. I want it to get better.

I love people who are able to talk passionately about the things they truly enjoy. It doesn’t even matter what it is, I just like hearing about things that make each individual happy. I love seeing passion on someone’s face.

I also love our neighbours, they are supremely cool. The pictures above are from Race Day, where we had a chilled out afternoon in each others company.

I wrote this on a page of my sketchbook today, after being lost in a drawing.

“What is it about art? What is is about creation that fills the insides and provides such meaning to our abilities?”

You can tell, I was feeling deeply satisfied. Drawing can stop all the questions, and as I get better at it, I marvel at how far I have come. Sometimes, I step outside myself and objectively think: “Wow, this is a human being that has just found a way to draw a picture.” And that in itself, blows my mind. It is just so beautiful to see. From crayon houses to now.

Sometimes, as artists, we can be overly critical about our work, to the point where we cease to produce work. But as long as I’m trying, as long as I think that this is what I want, then isn’t that wonderful? Because this is my life I’m watching unfold on paper here. No external measure will ever dictate how I want to live.

Speaking of external measures, there are some pretty dumb articles out there that need to be taken with a handful of salt. Stuff about ‘looking cool’ and ‘how to behave’. I read one today and was so offended! The only way we would ever be required to behave is like ourselves, awkwardness, confidence and all. Ah well, it takes all kinds.

… and our purple roses are coming out, smelling of sweet, deep perfume. I wish I knew how to take care of you, roses. But you seem to be doing really well on your own.

I love our neighbours. How good is it to be living two doors down to another four like-minded, interesting individuals? I mean, I learn so much from just being around them. And we get to have huge, delicious dinners, and hang out at the same cafes together. I don’t know. Is it luck? Is is providence? Do awesome people just attract each other like super strong magnets?

I’m glad I see the world the way I do. I hope it gets even better.