Yesterday was gorgeous out. No extra layers required! I walked to the tiny, cosy library down the street, and took lots of Polaroids on the way. I am loving that camera. Must create a Polaroid fund, to buy lots of film.

Later that evening, Nuwan and I went to Carbon Black Gallery, to check out Dawn Tan‘s solo exhibition. They were big watercolour drawings of food. I was inspired. Her drawings made me realize three things about art and its function:

1. Art gives people something to relate to. There was a drawing of pho and three colour drink somewhere in there, and Nuwan and I went ‘Hey, we ate that last weekend!’ Art is there to talk about, to discuss and bring the mind to new places.

2. Art also gives people an insight into your own life. Whenever you make art, you are in the process of being more of who you are. Your art describes you, and what you are about.

3. Art sometimes requires a big effort. Looking at Dawn’s huge drawings, and what she had accomplished with her exhibition, I know it wasn’t easy. She drew and painted every day for 8 weeks! From experience, I know it isn’t always passion pushing you –  you have to put in the slog and discipline in order to grow. Just like anything else.


I need to clear out some mind weeds. God, I’m listening to a complicated audiobook about Zen. I also keep getting horrendously distracted by Polly Pockets!

This week will see me reaching the end of something, and also redefining some life goals. There’s really no point in comparing lives. My life is never going to be anything but my own. Therefore, I need not waste time and/or energy wishing that it was like someone elses. I can only make it the best life I know now.

Haven’t been feeling like taking my camera around lately. I think I know why that is, but I don’t want to say here. I’m still feeling a bit… shy, nervous, sinking-feeling-in-pit-of-stomachy. Okay, there’s no need to be a drama queen. Hopefully after November, it will come back.

Anyway, the week’s over. We have a lot of parties over the weekend. Go friends!

I’ve been listening to Mario Martinez’s Mind-Body Code today. And wow, I’ve learned one or two real, true things. Things that I’ve had a gut feeling about, confirmed in this audio book. I feel like part of me wants to place all my faith in my intuition, because it has always been fairly accurate. Another part holds back. Conditioning, maybe? I don’t know.

Back to the book. There was a thing about how a certain, deep type of love brings out the best in you. A partner in this relationship need not bring anything, instead merely inspires you to expose more of your best qualities. I love that. It got me to thinking how I’ve experienced both sides of the coin, and I’m feeling great about where I’m going at the moment. I’ve also recently noticed the extreme lack of manipulative people in my life. I’ve weeded them out somehow, and am surrounded by the cream of many crops.

It’s a pretty full-on thing to listen to in one go, but really amazing too. There’s a chapter on centenarians, can’t wait to listen to that one again.


Kinfolk Cafe, 673 Bourke Street. All profits go to a charity of your choice. Hugely pretty, lots of smiley service, and Nuwan declared the cheesecake to be “the best cheesecake I’ve had all year!” Yup, you’d want to come here. 


At the moment, I miss the house a little bit, because I feel like that is a place I am loved, accepted. But love is expressed in many forms, and I need to remember that. I need to be able to recognize it when it comes my way. 

And I love in return. Sometimes, I love irrationally, too. But it’s okay. I think it’s fine. I think repressing it would corrupt something inside me, causing stuff to malfunction at times throughout life. Best to let it flow, and allow what happens to happen. Would you ever hold love back?

It’s safe to say that my weekend objective of long rambly walks has been met. Got this awesome mug today – it’s green, narrow and keeps drinks warm for longer. Or so I’d like to think. I also got a spin bike, which I’ve been thinking about getting for a while now. Home gym, here I come. 

The weekend show starred Braden, Rhiannon, Sebastian, Isaac, Nuwan, with guest appearances from Brad, Amy, and several other amazing individuals. Had a very chilled out time, surrounded with love. Finally got a permanent internet connection going here, so yay! 

I think in life, we find what we seek. It’s important to be careful with what we choose to believe, because we WILL find evidence to back up our view of the world. If we believe there is not enough to go around, we will find evidence that there is not enough. However, if we believe that there is abundance, and more than enough for everyone, we will find that life is filled with more kindness, love, money and success than we know what to do with. And in turn, we will let it spill over to others, and create more of the same. 

I want to continuously work according to a freedom mentality, as opposed to a scarcity mentality. I do think it is awesome to be generous, and I find that I have am surrounded by friends and people who are too.

So, while traveling through this life, what sort of evidence would you like to find?

The skies I’ve been seeing of late looks like this. Pretty. 

Just got back from a swim. My love for potato chips definitely need the counteraction of exercise. It’s good to see some muscle definition coming back.  

Discovery of the morning: barbeque boiled eggs. Which is basically a boiled egg with salt and pepper, and mixed with a bit of barbeque sauce. Extremely tasty. 

Some of my pictures, which you may already have seen on the blog already, were featured on How’s Your Weekend. My name is on the same list as my favourite photographers and artists. Dawn Tan, Sandra Juto, and Ai. Major excitement on my end!

I think the weeks have been flying by in a blur of lovely people, old and new, dreams and inspiration, experimentation, and learning. I like it. Everything in my life is aimed towards the single purpose of freedom, and freedom happens from the inside first.

Yeah, living it up! Having lots of fun talks with friends about the nice things we want to do. To potentially misquote Timothy Leary,

‘If life is getting more interesting, sexier, and more exciting, then you’re getting smarter.’

Things are definitely getting more and more exciting by the day. Don’t get me wrong, I still get stressed out, feel low or exhausted. I’m temporarily sleeping on a floor. However, with experience, one recovers faster and learns to be less bothered by things that are transient. And of course, the little things make all the difference. Like hot water bottles, phone calls from people who care, giggling over funny tortoise video clips with brothers.