On this overcast Saturday, I:

+++ was at a BBQ at the Westgarth House, with lovely friends

+++ had a little adventure with Brad in Collingwood, which involved coffee and a round of Archeology

+++ met Gabrielle and her fiance, Will. Those are their engagement rings in the second last picture. They didn’t want traditional rings, but when Gabrielle found these in Sydney, they decided to get them. They are made of plastic, and Will initially had his on his backpack.


A dark shot inside the hotel? Outside? Who can tell? Outside the Uffizi Gallery. This statue has won over the other statue. A fruit seller's stall. It was drizzly the first day I was there, hence the protective cover. Ponte Vecchio, where all the shiny jewelry is. You can also see how overcast it was. A very interesting collection of books and posters outside a book store. Hehe, mum. Il Duomo. All the carvings and statues blew my mind to bits. The view from the Boboli Gardens. I wish I had spent more time here! If you ever go to Florence, come to this place first thing in your day. So majestic. I could envision a bunch of my artist friends and I traipsing around the city in the future, filling our sketchbooks with drawings of statues, finding inspiration in the old masters, and comparing notes over gelati. Art trip! Who's in? :) I was served the best coffee in a little hole-in-the-wall cafe called Michaelangelo's, and I am sure there must be 10 other cafes going by that same name. I also met cats EVERYWHERE... cats in the parks, near the hotel, and in the grounds of the Pitti Palace. The official palace cats. I was really lucky to have this experience.

I got a disposable camera while I was in Carlisle. We were in a small, pretty tourist town called Grasmere, and it was the only thing I wanted in of a sea of dinky merchandise. I don't think I have ever used one, or maybe I have and forgot. I always see these beautiful pictures on the blogs of photographers who still shoot with film, and I love the dreamy, deep and sometimes imprecise quality of the pictures.

I was thrilled to get the results back from processing. One thing I've discovered about myself is that I value new ways of taking pictures, all the time. I think it's important to document your life, my life, everybody's lives, so I get really excited about things like disposable cameras. I have already started looking up bulk packs of the things on Amazon.

I don't mind that it's a digital age. I like fun things and photographs.

I feel a bit behind on updating here. I have so many pictures of beautiful places and people from the last month, work is taking a priority at the moment. These pictures seem like a good place to start. I was juggling three cameras - my Olympus, Instagram, and this little cardboard box I kept losing in the labyrinth of my backpack - so volume of shots are not always proportionate to how much I liked a place.

I liked Carlisle. It was cold, cosy, comfortable and the accents were cute. I didn't like the coffee. My sister and her boyfriend are great cooks. Bookstore culture is still alive and well, and there is a gorgeous four-story mammoth of a secondhand bookstore in the heart of town. I liked eating goats cheese baguettes with cranberry sauce. Overall, it was a thoroughly charming experience.

Last week, I had the privilege of both helping out two creative teams that I admire - CURVY and The Loop. I had volunteered to help CURVY with their Melbourne book event, and got an internship with The Loop for Semi Permanent Melbourne. Through these two events, I met some wonderful industry people and amazing artists, and even got to attend the conference and hear great talks. The Loop hosted several Portfolio Masterclasses, where you get to bring in your portfolio and get it critiqued by a mentor from a creative field, for example, illustration, advertising or publishing. Since I was helping out at the Loop booth, I got to sit through all of them. What really struck me was how kind and helpful the mentors were. Each of them really took the time to give in-depth feedback, most of them even running overtime to ensure that every attendee got what they needed. I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say. I reckon anyone who has had success in a field they love understand that everyone has to start somewhere. Through continuous development and a strong desire to get better, there is no limit to what one can accomplish. No point in giving up too early, ignore the self-doubt and just keep going. I do love meeting smart, kind and cheerful people in the creative field! Thanks again to everyone I met last week... you are great!

Spent my Saturday watching Breaking Bad and eating and drinking coffee. I want to know what the hype is all about with that show! I do find myself wanting to draw Walter White… subliminal messages from the sketches I see in the episodes.

My housemate cooked an amazing chilli that had lentils and minced beef in it, we ate it with spaghetti and it was delicious.

Daylesford adventuring tomorrow, woo!

I can kind of see how people start getting super geeky over photography and photography gear. I mean, there’s so much out there, so many new ways of looking at the world. I’ve always enjoyed image-making in general, so I guess any form is exciting for me.

This amazing and powerful lens is courtesy of my dad’s photography habit. More experiments to come!