Taking walks around the neighborhood reminds me that God is an artist. I love the dabs of color on the insides of flower petals, the staining on the edges. 

How does Yarraville manage such clouds? And at the local Coles too.


… would be how I would describe today. Yay! Feels good to do stuff that I’ve been procrastinating, and completing stuff that’s been going slowly. 

Thought for the day: 

Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own. 

– The Alchemist

Definitely gave me something to think about.

A nice Saturday with pals in Yarraville. We got excited at the possibility of a house nearby. I know house hunting can be a downer sometimes, but I have decided to enjoy the excited feeling I get when I see a nice place.

The evening was a light grey colour, and it drizzled pleasantly. 

I went for a walk around the neighbourhood this morning. I have to say (again!) how much I love the quietly confident vibe of Yarraville. It’s like the cool kid that doesn’t have to try too hard to be liked. 

That is a chocolate ice cream sundae from Max Brenner, with brownies, praline pecans (I think), and a side of waffle balls and melted chocolate. Wow. Major sugar and chocolate overload, and totally worth it. 

The last few shots are of the view from my balcony. It was late evening, there was a beanbag and a cool wind. I looked up, and watched the clouds change very, very slowly. What will you see when you look up next?

Had a coffee + muffin + lemony bites session at Feedback Cafe late this morning. Since I’m moving out of Yarraville in a couple of months, I suddenly feel like doing all the things I’d imagined myself doing when I moved here. Like chilling out at the cute cafes, drinking tea and soaking up the Yarraville-ness of it all. Ah, my little yuppie dream. I like the fact that the shopping area is tiny, and it only takes 5 minutes to cover to the end. I love how there are no sky-scraping buildings, which is why the sunsets and cloud formations are so amazing. I like that there are puppies and young families everywhere. Yarraville, your charms will live on in my heart, even when I live somewhere else. 

I also had to include a shot of the tiny silver owl I acquired recently. It has moveable parts, and I’ve been a little obsessed. I just kept seeing it, and seeing it, and seeing it. In shops, on people. Eventually I took the plunge and bought one, and surprised myself at how much I liked it. Didn’t think I was much of an owl girl. It is really adorable. 

It’s good that I’ve picked up another camera. I’m beginning to think that taking photos help the creative juices running, because it’s fairly easy to take a good picture. I love picking out patterns, colours and geometry. Heading back to the motherland next week, and I can’t wait to touch base.

* edited: In the second picture, are little lemon slices from Feedback Cafe. 50 cents a piece. They are buttery and too addictive for this girl with a giant sweet tooth.