My lovely boyfriend cooked the house a lasagna, and it was delicious. I typed that as ‘delivious’ at first… We both have a little insider joke about that.

I bought some strawberry cake mix, but haven’t baked it yet. Seb arrived home with some berry and yogurt cake from his mum, so we’re stocked for cake. Mmm… Cake.

I figured out today that it only takes 15 minutes to mop the kitchen. I like it when things get done in under that time frame, especially boring things. It’s very motivating.

Today was a cloudless blue. Winter, you’re being a real sport.



A time line.

The top picture is the sun-dappled walk Nuwan and I took after our Run for the Kids marathon. After a shower and some breakfast, we were at the North Melbourne Markets with the gang. I think I was too pooped to really ooh and aah over the goodies on sale, but I love more market experience.

I am hoodie-obsessed at the moment, and I bought myself a furry white hoodie with ears on Monday. I love that picture of Seb turned to the tram window, with my creepy reflection in the glass.

Nick made a ridiculously amazing Easter dinner yesterday, with crab, ratatouille, coq au vin, and caramelized brussel sprouts. That man knows how to cook, and throw a good party.

And that leads us to this morning, where grey skies threaten, and tiny water droplets decorate everything. A warming coffee does wonders for the heart. Work got me a birthday cake today, and I was mega surprised, as well as deeply touched.

All is peaceful.

The day started out bright and yellow, so I headed to the garden for a wake-me-up coffee and book session. And who should I find, but a furry little kitty wanting to make friends with our house. He wandered around everywhere, rolling on the ground whenever it took his fancy. He was shy at first, coy, too, but eventually submitted to my scratching of his ears.

We’ve been blowing as many dandelion seeds into the wind as possible. I’m adamant about starting a dandelion farm, they are awesome.

Food-note: Made baked rice for lunch, served with cucumber slices and tomato potato chips. Mmm yum.

We had to do some gardening today, and we pulled up lots of weeds. We found a plastic dinosaur in there, and watched a moth hatch from its mouth!!! Omg. It was insane. We all just sat around watching the moth pull itself out of the cocoon, and inspected its wet, curled wings. (Btw, my camera is ridiculously amazing. It can take close to microscopic quality shots! I love you camera *cuddles*)

In this house, we are just blessed with an abundance of everything. Food, love, friends, art, flowers, chocolate… pretty much anything we need, want or desire, we receive. So yeah, it was a  really beautiful Saturday. ‘Gorgeous’ sounds too much, too intense. Our Saturday was so mellow, so wonderfully sweet. It made me glad to be alive.

Met up with Grace late-ish yesterday. It was inspiring and comforting to catch up with a friend you’ve known since you were 13. The initial place we wanted to check out had a cover charge, so we ended up just walking around the city trying to find a nice spot to go. After a recommendation from Nuwan, we set off to find the Hairy Canary.

Before we reached the address though, we found this warm, spacious lounge with lots of couches, and even a food menu. We had found Hairy Canary’s sister bar, Hairy Little Sista. We decided to quickly check out Hairy Canary three doors up, and found it packed full of Saturday night yuppie revellers. Definitely not. We hurried back to the previous bar, and threw ourselves onto a comfy brown velvet couch. 

Talk was supplemented with lemongrass tea, hot chocolate and eggplant chips. We had the nicest barman/waiter (?) too, all smiley and friendly. Nuwan and his sister joined us a later, and I think we all agree that the bar was a hit. 240 Little Collins St, if you’re looking for it. 

It was a really good Saturday night. It had all the right stuff – Malaysian food for dinner, a movie, hot chocolates and lovely people. Again and again, I am reminded how blessed I am.

Had some friends over last night for Kav’s bon voyage dinner. He’s going traveling for a month. It was good to hang out together. I had a go on his crazy huge glasses, and I think I like them. 

I love that last shot of Rhiannon.